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PBN Builds

Can I send over my money site anchors to be placed while making the order?

Yes, just add the details in the order form. We encourage placing your own links once the logins have been handed over.

What if I want some changes made after delivery?

We don’t recommend altering the PBNs after we give them to you. Minor aesthetics will be made at no additional costs at our discretion. You can also hire a dedicated WordPress developer at an hourly rate from our team.

Do you only build WordPress sites?

Based on our own findings and on Matt Diggity’s research, we have found WordPress sites index faster and generally perform better as PBN websites. That being said, feel free to drop us a message if you think a website has an archive worth being restored, and we will be glad to accommodate you. You can also choose to have multiple CMSs on larger orders to eliminate a probable CMS level footprint.

Purchase & Guarantees

All orders are handled and tracked using ServiceProviderPro

Do you do rush orders?

We don’t do rush orders. Our TAT is anywhere between 3 to 10 days based on your order size.

Rebuild Guarantee

All Ninja Pro and Ninja Pro+ plans are backed by our ironclad rebuild guarantee. For every 10 PBN purchases, you get a bonus credit to rebuild any one of those domains in the event of a hack or de-indexation.

We also do not work in the adult niche. Refunds will only be made on a case-by-case basis.


Let’s face it: Finding quality domains is becoming increasingly harder and a mammoth task in itself. A base price for PBNs cannot be maintained with varying expectations regarding quality of domains. We recommend using domains having a minimum of 20RD (referring domains) with our service.

We trust and recommend the following PBN domain vendors:

Have your domains ready before placing your orders. We will have your hosting accounts setup after your purchase.


What do you mean by premium hosting?

As stated, we believe that the number one reason for de-indexation is presence of bad neighbours. We eliminate this glaring footprint by hosting your PBN alongside real sites by using popular hosting providers like HostGator and aSmallOrange. You will get a minimum of 1GB space along with unlimited bandwidth per account. We have acquired dozens of these accounts.

Will I get Cpanel logins?

Yes, ofcourse. Also, every PBN site will be placed on a unique IP.

What’s the recurring price after the free month?

You will be billed $x/month per domain.